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Era: The Consortium has received reviews from various review websites.

This page includes everything so far and will expand as more are done!

Written Reviews

2015-10 RPG Knights – “It is literally the best sci-fi Role Playing Game I have ever seen…”

2016-01 Million Word Man – “There are a number of other books being launched for this and given the work that’s gone into this, I can see them going far.”

2016-01 Wild Musings – “It is powered by a solid rule set, and is elevated by entertaining setting vignettes and great artwork that really conveys the game. All provided in a great looking PDF.”

2016-02 Campaign Mastery – “I want to especially call out the index, which is amongst the best that I’ve ever seen in a commercial RPG product.”

2016-02 RPG.net – “Era: The Consortium is a truly unique SF. The mechanics […] certainly work really well and complement a game that distinguishes itself through a rich history, the opportunity to play in different time periods and a multitude of genre and style options a GM can choose from.”

Video Reviews

2016-01 Talking about Games (Video) – “Probably one of the best-looking Science Fiction PDFs that I have seen…”

Other Reviews

2016-01 GeekNative (Short)

EnWorld.org Entry (Where you can add your own!)

2016-05-30 The Mental Attic (Convention Review)