#GamesMasterMonday – Ed | Shades of Vengeance

Hey everyone! This week we have a special #GamemasterMonday with not only a GM, but the creator of the Era Universe – Ed!

Ed’s love for tabletop gaming can be traced back to his youth. When he was five, he received the RPG computer game Megatraveler 1 and fell in love with it. The expansive universe, hundreds of people to talk to and breadth of the world led to him taking notes about who wanted emeralds or what cargo sold best! He later played D&D 2nd Edition and then 3rd Edition.

His first experience as a GM was with running a game of Paranoia, mainly because the large group had to split in two and didn’t have a second GM! As the group explored various games, he also took a strong liking to Vampire the Masquerade, the Storyteller system from which eventually inspired the Era d10 rule set.

When I asked Ed what his favourite book to write was, he answered “Era: The Consortium” without hesitation, going on to explain that it is the culmination of his lifelong love of sci-fi.

His favourite game to GM is Era: Forbidden, however, because it runs with smaller groups and allows you more time to have character development. You can find him running these two games almost weekly on our Discord server!

“I always felt like I was destined to tell stories, and when you’re GM’ing and you have a committed group in the right place, the story flows naturally. The kind of stories that unfold there can move you, or surprise you, or make you feel like humanity can achieve anything. It stops being only you who has a say when that happens.”

When I asked him what he wanted to say to new players, Ed replied that he wants you to know that all of our GM’s are experienced in helping new people and a vast majority of them had never run a game before… but it’s also super easy to pick up and learn. Most people can pick up the system and be playing within 20 minutes!

You can always join our Discord (https://discord.gg/6C4H9Cv) and play for free before you buy a Rulebook to see if it’s the right fit for you!

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