Hi everyone!

I’m finally ready to talk clans with you guys, and I’m starting with the Garcia Clan!

Danielle, who you already met, is at the end of the timeline, in the final of the three eras. The clan, however, has been a central part of the war with the Anonassi since the very beginning: they were the second family on record to encounter it and quickly became allies of the D’Aoust and the Rostov clans in their fight against the forces of Erebus.

Their philosophy is “Shoot it! If it doesn’t die, shoot it again!”

The Garcias are dedicated to taking the fight to the Anonassi and eliminating them whenever and wherever they encounter them. They sometimes take crazy risks, all in the name of eradicating the threat to Humanity. They are fearless warriors and believe that every denizen of Erebus must be destroyed or driven back for people survive.

The Garcias consider marksmanship to be as important to the education of their children as reading and writing, and it is a point of honour in their family that all of their members know how to shoot.

They are deeply loyal to their clan, to the Chosen and to the Human race in general.

In the game, each of the five clans will allow characters special equipment or training!

– Ed