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Happy Star Wars day everyone. Ed couldn’t resist an opportunity like this so he made sure our Lyres Kickstarter ended on May 4th. So join me in turning to the person next to you and saying: May the Fourth be with you!

You’ve all been great to follow along with us this far and we are really thrilled to have gotten funded and into our Stretch Goals with this unique game. Today is the last and final opportunity to get in on the Lyres Kickstarter. Remember to pass this along to anyone who might be interested in playing a game that rewards you for your quick thinking, your imagination and hopefully sense of humor!

We’ve had so many great changes and additions thanks to the input of our amazing backers that I wanted to share with you some of the things we’ve done to make this game even better than when we first posted it.

We now have the map of Yarnolth available as a print on canvas from us… or, alternatively, the permission to print a copy for yourself. The map is a great way to add dimension to your games and we’ve been told the comments scribbled on it by Lyres of the past are one of the best bits!

By popular demand, we’ve also added the Travelers Guide to Yarnolth. This brand new book is going to have descriptions of other towns along with a whole new map of Yarnolth and the lands around it. You’ll be able to really dig in and become a part of this fun world.

The Era: Lyres team is incredibly proud of the way this game has grown into something bigger and better than even we could have imagined. We have all our great Kickstarter backers to thank for making this such a successful adventure. Thank you to everyone!

Until next time!

– A

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