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Hi everyone!

Era: Kaiju is a Supernatural Modern Tabletop RPG harnessing the power of the Era d10 system to bring to life a world of titanic monsters in the spirit of kaiju movies! You will have to work together to stop Alphas from destroying you… and to keep Humanity believing that you are overall a force for good!

Choose a form (avian, humanoid, aquatic, lizard and more – each with unique abilities) and one of 25 Kaiju Powers (energy breath, reincarnation, cyborg enhancement and more!), then just start roaring!

The Pocket Rulebook includes:

– A brief introduction to the game’s world.
– Character creation, including a selection of species forms, quirks and backgrounds.
– A list of 25 available Kaiju powers with a description of how each power is applied.
– A complete rundown of the Era d10 Rule Set to get you playing right away.
– A section filled with GM advice and tips for running Era: Kaiju.
– A blank (and easily copyable) character sheet, to get everyone ready to play.

Get in on the ground level for an exciting first adventure into this brand new Era universe of monsters!

– Ed

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