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Do you know what Stiletto Unit is? Perhaps you’ve heard us mention it before or had a friend who played our convention session of Era: The Consortium, “The Last Stand of Stiletto Unit”. We’ve only got one more week before MCM Comicon where we’ll bring it out again for anyone brave enough to give it a try.

Before you sit across the table from a steely-eyed GM (every one trained by Ed personally!) who is ready to throw everything they’ve got between you and success, let me give you some background.

The people of the Consortium live in a future far from today where the Earth and everything on it is only a distant memory. They have explored, colonized, and discovered alien races. Making their home among new planets and solar systems, humanity has built a new society where financial wealth equals political power. Among the corporations in the Consortium, seven of them, the Big Seven, share almost complete control.

However, not everyone is pleased with the way things are being run and the lack of influence being given to other alien species. In response to the oppressive culture, a small and peaceful Resistance movement forms.

As things have a way of doing, small aggression escalates to all-out war. The companies behind the Big Seven perceiving the Resistance to be a threat to their control create and mobilize military efforts to quell the rebellion. The lives of everyday people are caught between these two warring factions.

Sensing an economic (and therefore political) threat from the growing profits of an alien company, one CEO from a Big Seven corporation decided to take matters into his own hands. He employed a team which developed a top secret weapon capable of annihilating all life in the Icaunus Solar System. This single weapon would destroy the alien company and with it nearly all of the members of the Resistance, though quite a number of innocents would also be slaughtered – 14 billion lives in all.

He planned to excuse it as a natural disaster, an interaction between solar flares and the wormholes that allow inter-system travel, which would allow the Big Seven to tighten their grip on the lives of all Consortium citizens while they repopulated the Icaunus system with their own people.

With the secret help of a few other companies in the Big Seven, this weapon was mounted on the Consortium’s flagship cruiser, the Orion and made its way towards genocide.

The Resistance gathered all its forces and threw their entire might at the ship, hoping to infiltrate deep enough to disable the weapon. They suffered heavy casualties but one team, Stiletto Unit, successfully reached the engine room. Stiletto Unit is the elite fighting force of the Resistance and if anyone can save Icaunus, it will be them. With resources running low and enemies everywhere they’ll have to act fast.

Do you have what it takes to join them?


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