A New Empowered Book Is On Kickstarter – The Oracle

If I asked you what superpower you would choose if given the opportunity 100% of you would shout it out without a moment’s hesitation, right? We already know the answer to that question because we’ve all thought about it at one time or another, it’s one of the most common icebreaker conversations. Would you soar into the sky with superpowered flight, or sneak into forbidden areas with your power of invisibility? Well, I can’t exactly help you to shoot laser beams from your eyes but I can offer you a chance to have a hero or villain of your own creation included in our next Empowered book!

The Empowered, is a book of short stories set inside the Empowered universe and it will tell the adventures of over 100 superpowered characters. The best part is that we want YOU to help fill out the roster!

Our writing team has built an impressive number of heroes and villains, some of which were written for the rulebook but were cut due to limited page count. However, we are going to need everyone’s help if we plan to reach 100 superpowered characters. This is where the Kickstarter comes in. By lending this project support you have the opportunity to share your idea for a hero, a villain, or just that guy who can walk through walls but doesn’t want to get involved. Your character will get its own story written by a member of the Shades of Vengeance writing team and you will be able to see it come to life! Almost as good as those laser beam eyes, right?

Check out our Kickstarter page and start planning your own character today!


For those of you in the area, you’ll get a chance to try out Empowered or any of our other games this next week at Con-Tingency, a unique gaming convention set in a wooded environment. http://www.con-tingency.uk/

That’s it for me today, I’ll see you back here on Saturday!