The amazing New Year, New Stories 2023 is on Kickstarter now!

Hi everyone! You can join our latest Kickstarter right here:

New Year, New Stories is a celebration of indie creators, and all profits from it go to the creators who submit. No-one has to pay to be a part of it, either! This project aims to give a voice to amazingly talented people who might otherwise be ignored.

You will find 15 stories in this anthology (and we’ll look at all of them over the next several days!). With creators from SoV Comics affiliated to friends to people we only just got to know, it’s a tour de force from many amazing people. Whether you like superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, noire or legends in your comics, you’ll love this book!

The anthology book itself will be around 150 pages long, printed on full gloss paper with a finish that will make you smile!

We hope you’ll join us for this project to help support talented but underrated creators across the world (4 continents!).

– Ed

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