One more Convention this Year, plus another Comic coming soon! – The Oracle

Thank you to everyone who turned out for AetherCon! It was a great event and our team had loads of fun running games and speaking on panels. The great thing about an online convention is that it can be easily recorded and shared with those of us who didn’t get a chance to attend. Ed is currently editing a five hour video of actual Era: The Consortium campaign play with six players. This will be finished shortly but some videos of the event are already up on our YouTube Channel!

One of the videos you’ll find is Ed’s panel regarding the importance of and how to create ambience, that special atmosphere which allows your players to feel grounded in the game world. Ed was joined by both Jason Carl, producer of Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, as well as John McNabb of McNabb games.

We also have a one hour thirty minute Q&A Session where Ed, John, Leo and Keith talk about the current projects that Shades of Vengeance is working on. Get the inside scoop right from the creators themselves!

For those of you in the London area, or willing to take a trip there, we will have one more convention for 2017. Dragonmeet in Hammersmith is coming up on Saturday December 2nd. This will be your last chance to see us this year so we hope you’ll stop on by!

I want to take a moment, before I leave you today, and remind you that we’ve got two amazing Kickstarters running right now!

Era: The Consortium- A Universe of Expansions 2 has just surpassed its next Stretch Goal, giving all supporters access to the Time Travel Campaign Part 4 book! There’s still plenty of time to push this event to the next level, Home Base, so pop on over and check it out if you haven’t already.

Penumbra #2: Fear the Bunny Lord is also available on Kickstarter. Everyone’s favorite mistress of shadows is back in her next installment of intrigue and this time her foe is something a little out of the ordinary. We join Penumbra on her latest heist as she attempts to confiscate an item that’s said to increase the power of anyone who holds it… which sounds just like the kind of thing Penumbra would covet. However, she comes face to face with an enemy able to counter all of her abilities. Is this going to be a match for the ages, or will Penumbra find a way to come out on top? Stop by our Kickstarter to find out more!

That’s it for me, come back on Saturday for a look at our next Consortium sourcebook, the Ximians!