Playtesting Champion of Earth – The Oracle

Did you get a chance to see us at Dragonmeet? The event was fantastic and we were thrilled to see so many fans. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and play a game with us. Plenty of fun was had by all, especially those who tried out our latest title.

Ed and the GM’s had the opportunity to get some playtesting done at the convention for Champion of Earth. We ran the game multiple times with some fantastic players and learned a lot about what worked and what needed some tweaking. It was a fun game but I heard that Ed still lost even though he was scribbling out words and writing new ones on the cards! I suppose that’s the sort of thing only a game designer could get away with. The general opinion from those who played was that apart from a few easily-resolved wording issues we have a very solid game!

Now that convention season is over, we are in full-on production mode. The entire team is buckling in and getting to work. Some of us have gotten new writing assignments and others are well past the prep stages. Ed is busy most hours of the day shuffling from one project to the next.

You’ll probably see Ed surface for London Anime Con but other than that he’ll be deep in the inner workings of Hitman, Champion of Earth, The Swarm, Chosen and Consortium expansions. I expect we won’t hear too much from him once he locks himself down to write and design. Which, let’s be honest, is good for everyone because that means we’ve got more games to look forward to. Sorry Ed, you’ll just have to schedule some time for sleep next summer.

Back on Saturday with more news!