Hi everyone!

For my update this week, I thought I’d talk about the two primers that should be heading out to Kickstarter Backers next week.

The first is Amazing Space Adventures. The Physical Primer is now ready and we’re sending in the print orders to our printer. We’re very slightly late on delivering this, but it’ll be available from now on on the Store as a Physical Version!

The second is the Digital Version of the Era: The Consortium Digital Primer. The layout for v1.0 is now complete, and I’ll hopefully be sending those out ¬†over the weekend (though I have to finish modifying the Patreon Sessions to v1.0 to go with it!). As was said in a previous Consortium update, this is mostly backwards compatible, and part of releasing the Digital Primer will be to give details of the change to v0.8 – you will still be able to play with a v0.8 Primer.

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to these Kickstarter campaigns for their continued support, and everyone else who has purchased a primer before or since!

– Ed

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