A Titan’s Rise, Part 1


A Titan’s Rise is the story of a cyberpunk future where corporations rule three solar systems, and a boy who is separated from his parents by the actions of the corporation-controlled Senate of the Consortium.

We follow Elliot’s life as he grows up alone on Taranis. He quickly learns that his new home has huge secrets, that everyone around him has a hidden agenda and that the corporations do not usually act in the best interests of the people. Even an intelligent and driven young man like Elliot is not free of the corporations’ influence, but this young man fights back, trying to make his own destiny. His path leads him to Smertios Security (the military of the Consortium), where he trains hard to become for the one thing he cares about: commanding a starship.

When his starship is called into battle to fight the largest enemy fleet encountered in centuries, Elliot is already one of the senior officers. His actions in the fight will influence the outcome of this battle, and the shape of the Consortium for years to come.

Can he become the person the Consortium needs him to be? Only time will tell…

  • It’s a full-cast Audio Drama, voiced by professional voice actors.
  • Each of the 4 episodes is 20 minutes long, for a total running time of about 1h20m.
  • The story is carried through an arc of a number of episodes, with character progression over time.
  • Music and foley were composed and created by a professional sound designer.


Will I like A Titan’s Rise?

The universe that A Titan’s Rise explores is dark in places, and can be difficult to live in. However, the story is epic in scale, as we explore a universe with infinite possibilities, populated by realistic people with both flaws and goodness within them.

Dark truths lie at the heart of the Consortium, and no-one can grow up in this universe without being affected by them. In the end, the corporations always get what they want.

If you’re a fan of AliensMass EffectStar TrekStar WarsFirefly, or books such as the Dune series by Frank Herbert or Elizabeth Moon’s novels, you may enjoy A Titan’s Rise.