Champion of Earth – Robots and Cyborgs Expansion


+1 Players (Versus)
Requires Core Deck for Play
36 Cards

The Aliens have invaded, raised the Undead and brought forth Creatures from the shadows to boost their forces. But that would be too easy to defeat. You must now also face… Robots and Cyborgs!

Brand new for this Kickstarter, the Robots and Cyborgs Expansion will go to all backers when the Kickstarter is Funded!

The Alien invaders have promised the Robots a “chunk of Earth” in return for helping them defeat Humanity…¬†Little do the repressed mechanicals realise that they will be getting a close look at the Earth’s core as soon as Humans are no longer a threat! They have agreed and joined the Aliens in their invasion, giving Humanity another enemy to stand against. Add new equipment, a new playable character and an entire new type of enemy to your Champion of Earth game with the Robots and Cyborgs expansion… if you dare!

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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 1 cm