Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook – Digital


Play any sub-genre of Sci-Fi! Just leap into the relevant point in 500 years of playable history, create your heroes (or anti-heroes!) and start playing!

Leaving Earth behind, the crew of the Kurmaja travel across the stars for a thousand years to reach their destination: Taranis, another planet where Humanity can thrive. As their civilisation grows, they encounter alien races, develop technology and explore space.

But all is not straightforward as the Consortium expands…

Era: The Consortium offers the chance to build every type of Sci-Fi story you could possibly want, all in one book. Just by choosing where in the 500-year history you play, you can do anything from colonisation to encountering alien races, to participating in a war for survival, to blurring the line between man and machine and the rise of a resistance movement attempting to overthrow an evil and corrupt government!

  • 500 years of lore detailing the history of the Consortium!
  • Full rules for the Era d10 system – no need to pick up various other rulebooks, everything is right here (although expansions offer different options)!
  • An array of campaign sessions, GM advice, customisation tips and much, much more!