Era: The Consortium Definitive Edition Rulebook – Hardback


The Definitive Edition of Era: The Consortium is an updated and expanded 420-page Rulebook, intended as a Collectors Edition!

It contains the all of the same content as the Consortium’s Core Rulebook – history, a complete guide to character creation, a list of implants, weapons, equipment and spacecraft encountered in the Consortium universe, the rules, complete with worked examples and a section for the GM which contains everything from sample campaigns to pre-made characters.

It also contains over 100 pages of bonus material! Extra story, new details on the history and progression of implants, more equipment and ships, and a complete guide to the time periods of the Consortium and the related sub-genres.

This book is only available in Hardback and Digital and the Digital Version is included in this purchase!


Humanity has left Earth over a thousand years behind, landing on a new planet and founding a new government. The Consortium is an inspiring ideal: three star systems teeming with life and four species living and working together. As time passes, however, cracks are showing in the Humanity-led society, and those less scrupulous have taken power.

Enter at any point in 500 years of playable story, following the Consortium’s growth from a small colony to a multi-system economic and political establishment:

  • Explore new worlds and encounter alien races
  • direct or fight in battles which span a solar system and will decide the future of the Consortium
  • join a Resistance movement against the government to save or destroy billions of lives!
  • And much more…