Era: Hitman Pocket Rulebook – Digital


Page Count: 44 (International A5)

In this game, you are a hitman, an assassin who eliminates targets for anyone paying the right amount.  Whether your skill is stealth, approaching your enemies unseen, firing a bullet from a neighbouring rooftop, hacking automated defences or demolishing a building to eliminate everyone inside, you are always in demand. With the protection of the Guild, you need not fear retribution once you escape the scene of the crime – the scrubbers have your back. Every trace of you, every piece of camera footage, everyone who will testify that you were there will vanish without a trace.  All that falls to you is the kill itself and, in that, you’re an expert.

Era: Hitman is a game that gives you the best of both worlds: reality-bending superpowers and the mandate to use them however you like as long as you succeed in your mission! Inspired by video game titles such as Hitman and Assassin’s Creed, this game places you in a modern setting where your mission is to eliminate your target by whatever means necessary.