Era: Lost Legend Players Guide – Paperback


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An evil and powerful corporation is sacrificing life on our world in an effort to control every town and city with their vast army of robots.

However, a small rebellion, known as THORN, has vowed to put an end to this scheme!

You take on the role of individuals in this universe, able to wield weapons or magic, trying to topple the evil Stardust, Inc. Forced to fight superior numbers, you’ll have to harness all of your powers to defeat them in your own epic story of friendship, heroism and the battle between good and evil!

Only you can save the world!

  • Era: Lost Legend is a Tabletop RPG that explores a unique world, heavily inspired by the Final Fantasy games. It’s very much a love letter to games of that style! The game and universe were designed by veteran Ed Jowett (who has been a huge fan of the games from the minute he started playing them!).
  • It runs on the critically-acclaimed Era d10 Rule Set, a versatile, easy-to-learn system which has powered ten different games to date. It contains a number of unique rules to fit the setting and gameplay style, but follows the same paradigm as the other “Era Games”.
  • In an innovative move, characters are one of two types: one a Corporeal, weapon-wielding creature and the other an Ethereal, magic-wielding creature. These two types must work together, meaning two characters inhabit one body in many cases.
  • The game has been playtested and run for a wide range of groups (including at conventions) since July 2017. It’s received great feedback, along with a few notes for things that needed tweaking!
  •  Era: Lost Legend is intended to be accessible to all types of players. Our world features a wide variety of characters, including people of colour and disabled characters, all of which we are proud to say are playable in this game.

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