Era: Lyres Definitive Edition


Era: Lyres is a unique low fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, set in a world full of terrifying monsters and fearsome undead… that you totally fought against, honest! In a world without magic, monsters are just too dangerous to fight, which is why you instead stay inside a warm, toasty tavern with your friends, enchanting the townsfolk with tales of your daring adventures that you, of course, never actually had. 


Era: Lyres puts the storytelling in the hands of the players; the GM controls the patrons of the tavern, and their various reactions to your story. The party lead the charge in spinning their yarn, with a lot more control over the main narrative than in most games. This innovative approach allows for less prep for the GM, and a greater creative input from the players around the table. The GM-controlled audience judges the plausibility of the story based on their own abilities, experiences, and backstories so fleshed out NPCs go hand-in-hand with gameplay. If you think you can convince a room full of salty sea-dogs that you killed a kraken, or a monastery full of holymen that you vanquished a tomb of undead, then step right up and try your hand, storyteller. It’s time for adventure… sort of. 


In this rulebook you will find: 

  • The Core Era D10 ruleset, a versatile “dice pool” based TTRPG game system which powers play
  • A guide to character creation, with a choice between point buying, or simply picking out skills
  • A list of weapons, armour, and other equipment for your characters
  • A number of pre-written story ideas to get you playing right away
  • A guide to the people who inhabit the cities of this fantasy world, and the drizzly towns you work within
  • Examples of the rules in action, and GM advice tailored to people new to running the game
  • A bestiary of strange and terrifying creatures that inhabit the world of Era: Lyres. Who cares if you made a few of them up? 

The Era: Lyres core rulebook (and a few dice!) are all that is required for anyone to play the game. With a range of downloadables to enhance the experience, you’re all set for more adventure, should you want to dive deeper into the world of Era: Lyres.


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