Era: Survival Definitive Edition Rulebook – Hardback


Page Count: 310

A hundred years ago, a biological weapon was set off… or did a parasite evolve? Who cares, really? It was airborne, infectious and attacked Humans – that’s the point.

There is no chance to save our species here… there is just a chance to live to tomorrow.

Step into the world of Gaia and try to survive its harsh environment, the Infected “shamblers” as well as the much more deadly “mutants”, while navigating the complex areas of control which the thirteen different factions claim.

Gather Brass empty cases to buy food and equipment, head out as a Vault Hunter seeking the lost treasures from before the Cataclysm, or just run odd jobs for the people who need them.

This book contains a full introduction to the world of Gaia, a complete guide to character creation, a huge list of weapons, equipment and vehicles which might be found, the rules – complete with worked examples – plus a section for the GM which contains everything from sample campaigns to premade characters. It’s everything you need to play hundreds of games of Era: Survival!

This Definitive Edition rulebook contains two expansions said to be “vital to gameplay” by reviewers:

The Infected Manual offers 100 different modifications for the Infected, allowing a huge variations in what you might encounter.

Tales of the Outlands offers information about what happens beyond the immediate control of Humanity, where the Defenders are not protecting people from the stronger – and stranger – creatures of Gaia… along with equipment to survive it!

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