Era: The Chosen Core Rulebook


What if I told you that you have a good reason to be afraid of the dark? That creatures lurk in the shadows, waiting to snatch you away.

And what if I told you that you are one of the few who can see them and fight them?

Enter Harbour City as the Chosen – a small group of people who can see invading creatures in the darkness. Fight through three time periods – Renaissance, Industrial and Modern – to prevent creatures from another dimension, invisible to most, from taking over our dimension!

This book contains a full introduction to the Lost Lands and the Chosen factions, a timeline of the events during the hundred-year Anonassi War, a complete guide to character creation, a list of weapons and equipment which might be found, the rules – complete with worked examples – plus a section for the GM which contains everything from sample campaigns to premade characters. It’s everything you need to play hundreds of games of Era: The Chosen!


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Digital, Paperback, Hardback