Era: The Empowered Core Rulebook – Digital


Page Count: 296

Humanity is on the brink of powers beyond all previous imagining. The world of Terra has been rocked by the appearance of Empowered, individuals with superhuman abilities. Society has changed as heroes and villains emerge and begin to battle for their own ideology. The world will never be the same. Enter at any point in the timeline of history, from the appearance of the first Empowered to an invasion by an extra-terrestrial force with unfathomable power. Fight off an invasion from Atlantis, face the Old Gods of myth, defeat the Assassins Guild or officially join the Empowered Department: the choice is yours! This book contains the full timeline of the Empowered, a complete guide to character creation, a list of Empowered Abilities (as well as the rules to make your own), example weapons, equipment and vehicles encountered on Terra, the rules – complete with worked examples – plus a section for the GM which contains everything from sample campaigns to premade characters. It’s everything you need to play hundreds of games of Era: The Empowered!