Era: The Empowered Core Rulebook – Digital


Page Count: 296

Unleash your inner superhero (or villain) across all sub-genres of super-powered stories! Emerge as one of the first Empowered, fight off Atlantis, the Old Gods and the Assassins Guild, face a planetary threat and much, much more…

Only you can save our world!

Being Empowered offers great potential, but it is up to you how you will use your power: will you become a champion to the people, or strike fear into their hearts?

Your choices will shape the world around you as you move forward through the events which Era: The Empowered offers.

Era: The Empowered offers the chance to play any superhero story you could possibly want, all in one book. Just by choosing where in the sequence of events you play, you can do anything from being an emerging superhuman in a world that doesn’t understand you to teaming up to fight off hordes of supervillains or facing down planetary threats from outer space!

  • Seven Events, each offering a different type of gameplay!
  • Full rules for the Era d10 system – no need to pick up various other rulebooks, everything is right here (although expansions offer different options)!
  • 45 Example Power Sets, along with all of the information needed to make your own!
  • An array of campaign sessions, GM advice, customisation tips and much, much more!