Infiltration: The Bug War #2 – Physical


Page Count: 24

Infiltration: The Bug War #2 follows the adventures of one of Hai-Xang Hayden’s hand-picked elites, Liam Paine. He was tasked by Hai-Xang to research the unknown enemy who murdered her mother and the rest of the first contact delegation. If they are going to create an effective defence against them, they must know more than they do now. In Part 1, outfitted with the most advanced stealth technology in the Consortium, Liam infiltrated the colony of the mysterious enemy on Arawn. He spent days observing and learning about this strange, bug-like species. Upon completing his mission, he tried to escape only to be caught. Sending his holographic assistant back to the Consortium with the information he had gathered, Liam was captured. Now, on the eve of war, Liam’s best hope seems to be for a swift death… or some sort of miracle…

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