Lacuna: Revelation – Audio Drama


Running Time: 21 minutes

Lacuna: Revelation is the first of our “Empowered” audio shorts, based in a universe which was inspired by comics and animation that we grew up with. Superpowers have only recently emerged and many of those who have discovered they possess them,

Lacuna – Chris Jameson – is a teenaged hero struggling to learn the true meaning of justice.

Right now, he’s just an angry young man who wants to hurt the people that ruined his life… but he has a lot to learn if he’s going to become the hero the world needs.

  • It’s a full-cast audio short, voiced by professional voice actors.
  • The running time is 21 minutes.
  • Lacuna is voiced by Lawrence ‘MasakoX’ Simpson (who you might know as Goku in Dragonball Z Abridged), who brought the character to life with his usual fire!
  • Lacuna: Revelation is adapted from a comic of the same name, which was written by director Ed Jowett and Amy Allworden.
  • This is a standalone Superhero Story which is the first in a loosely-connected series.
  • It will be delivered in .mp3 format.


Will I Like Lacuna: Revelation?

If you enjoy the Netflix Daredevil, Spiderman: The Animated Series or Cobra Kai, you’ll love Lacuna: Revelation!