Life on Gaia (Novel) – Digital Version


– A 300-page novel set in the post-apocalyptic world of Gaia.

– It looks at the various factions and the ways they try to survive a zombie-infested world where every warm-blooded creature can become Infected.

– It is told through the eyes of people who live in the world, seeing the people around them and the way they try to survive.

– It includes appendices which explain the motivation, makeup and strength of each of the major factions, plus a briefing on how some of the more unusual ones came to be!


The Universe

A hundred years ago, a parasite evolved naturally.

Or maybe a biological weapon was set off?

Honestly, no-one remembers any more.

What’s important is that it was airborne, infectious, and mutated every warm-blooded creature it encountered. The parasites were capable of raising the dead and transforming the living into unrecognisable, superhuman monsters.

Although the development of a cure for the first stages of Infection did occur eventually , it was already too late. Civilisation fell quickly, and what was left of Humanity shattered into many disparate factions, each with their own ideas on how to survive.

Over time, some of these factions died out, while others grew to take their place. Some fled to areas of the world where the Parasites were not so dangerous, such as on the ocean or in the frozen north. Others fought to survive and protect others. Still others decided Humanity was doomed and must be destroyed to avoid infection, or sought to harness the powers the Parasites offered for themselves.

Most modern features of Gaia are known and mapped, but Salvagers still exist, searching the ruins of fallen cities for the supplies needed by towns… and some are even lucky enough to find ancient “Vaults” from before the Cataclysm containing treasure troves of supplies.

With the Infected overrunning more towns every day, it’s becoming increasingly dangerous out there…