The Era Zone Issue 7 (September 2020) – Digital Version


Welcome to the seventh issue of The Era Zone, our zine which offers extra material for all of the Era games. Inside, you’ll find campaigns, characters and more for every game we’ve published:

  • Era: The Consortium
  • Era: Lyres
  • Era: The Empowered
  • Era: Survival
  • Era: Silence
  • Era: Hitman
  • Era: Balam
  • Era: The Chosen
  • Era: Forbidden
  • Era: Lost Legend

You’ll also find two of our setting-neutral “Encounters on the Edge of Space”, as well as an update on the Era: The Consortium Living Campaign (

Finally, you will find the first of our brand new section, the “GM Toolkit”, which answers questions we’ve been asked by GMs and gives advice for running the games!

Join us inside for an experience like no other!