The Era Zone Issues 5-8 (2020) – Misprinted Version



@everyone Slightly Odd Special Offer incoming!

I have a large number of copies of the Era Zone 5-8 with the pages out of order! To be exact, the inside cover is the contents page of the 5th issue, then the 6th issue follows in full, followed by the 7th, 8th and coming back to the 5th issue at the end, with the inside back cover being the last page of the 8th issue.

They are a bit of a mess as a result, but all of the content is in there, and I’m happy to let them go at £5 per copy (the correct one is £20), plus postage to try to recoup my losses. Would anyone here be interested in that?

For anyone who doesn’t know, The Era Zone includes a large amount of material for every game, include, but not limited to:
– Campaigns and Sessions for Era games
– Session builders for Hitman (as I used during the convention) and Survival
– Monsters that didn’t make the Rulebook for Era: Lost Legend
– New Taverns to visit for Era: Lyres
– (Issue 6) 20 Crossover combos between the various Era games, what rules to use and how to execute stories when combining settings!

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