Time Travel Campaign Bundle

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Page Count: 46 + 68

Get the Era: The Consortium Rulebook Primer and the Time Travel Part 1 Campaign book, which allow you take a journey back through 500 years of epic history and re-shape it in your own image.

Powered by the Era d10 Rule Set and taking place in the Era: The Consortium universe, this campaign is an experience like no other!


This bundle offers the first 10 sessions from the critically acclaimed Era: The Consortium Time Travel Campaign, along with the complete rules for gameplay!

You are faced with a mission.

The Consortium stands on the precipice. A cataclysm is in your future, there is no way to avoid it.

The only solution is to travel back through time to the beginning of the Consortium. Instead of allowing it to grow along its original path, you can alter history to ready the people for what is to come.

But it’s a one-way trip, and it will be dangerous…

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