#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Twenty-Seven

Hi everyone!

I usually travel pretty light when gaming – a pile of D10s and character sheets. However, I do have one further thought…

#RPGaDay 27: What are your essential tools for good gaming?

I think there’s only one thing you always need: a character concept which is thought-out and understood in your own mind. Dice are replaceable with software now, character sheets can be roughed out on blank paper if need be (I’ve done that a lot with Era: Lyres!).

If you have a character idea, you know how this individual would act in a situation, and where they would and would not be willing to push their boundaries, what their hopes and dreams are… you’re well-equipped for any roleplaying experience, in my opinion!

And, even if that character is an unpleasant individual (which I’ve never played, but I know people who have), other players will respect that you’re acting in character and are probably not that much of a git in real life!

In short, I think planning is important, whichever side of the table you’re on, and I think that sometimes people forget that and turn up unprepared to sessions as players…

What about you, what do you think is essential for good gaming?

– Ed