Rundown of the Current Status! – The Oracle

There are days working this job where we have so many things going on, I’ll be honest with you, even I don’t know everything that’s happening. Which is why it’s fantastic when Ed wants to give us a catch-up day where he lets us in on the status of everything that’s currently being worked on. He’ll also be running an end of year post in a few weeks to talk about what Shades of Vengeance has done this year. We’ve been incredibly busy and it’ll be a great reminder of how far we’ve come!

So, first up is Era: Hitman. If you’ll recall, this is our assassin game with a twist. Ed is planning a little something extra for this experience and will be including maps with our campaigns! These are going to be useful tools which will help ground you in the session we’ll be providing. I’ve been allowed to share an image so that you can get an idea of what you’ll be using. Giving you everything possible to immerse you and your players in the world of the game is one of our top priorities and we really think these maps are going to be a big hit!



I’m sure you’ve heard me talk quite a bit recently about Era: Empowered so you’ll be happy to know that production is finally underway! The first stories are being written in their final format and artwork is being created. At the moment, Ed is doing a talent search to find a concept artist for this project. We’re looking for someone to help nail down a few of the trickier Empowered characters. If you know an artist who you think would be perfect for this opportunity please let us know. Ed works hard to find new and undiscovered artists to slot in alongside our regular contributors. Feel free to send portfolios or artist information to Ed at:

Moving on to more game news… one of our newer titles being worked on currently is an addition to Era: Survival, titled The Swarm. Artwork is well underway and writing has begun for this closer look into our most horrific game. The Swarm are one of the most powerful factions on Gaia and this sourcebook for them should be arriving in the first half of 2017 if everything goes as planned! Survival has collected a dedicated group of fans and I’m thrilled we can give them more fantastic content to keep up with their appetites.

The last game that I’m going to talk about today is one you haven’t heard much from lately. Champion of Earth is an art intensive experience and our dedicated artist, Sofia, has been busy working on Consortium Time Travel, which is why we haven’t had much to show you. However, she is almost finished with that project and will be moving right back to working on this just as soon as the ink dries on Consortium… or whatever digital equivalent that might be. Ed is hoping to have this game ready in time for UKGE 2017 so keep watching here to follow along with developments!

This past year we had an amazing time creating new games, adding to established worlds and developing fun new things to add to your experience. It looks like 2017 is shaping up to be much the same. I can’t wait.

Don’t forget, Dragonmeet [] is happening this Saturday! Do you have someone slated to water your plants and or feed your dog? Tickets purchased? Hotel arranged? There is still time to make plans and join us in a game or two. Our GM’s would love to take you for a spin!

That’s all for me today. I’ll be back again on Saturday!