Setting up for the Big Event – The Oracle

At this very moment Ed is unpacking boxes, setting up posters, laying out rulebooks, and warming the dice! This is it, we’re nearing zero hour at MCM Comicon in London. I hope you’ve got your tickets ready and a few of your best friends lined up to come with you for this one of a kind event.

Remember that you can still join in on the fun through our online competition. The post will be going up on Facebook at 9:00am tomorrow so set your alarm and set your neighbors while you’re at it. The more people we can get to join us the bigger the rewards will be and they’re for everyone!

You can download them free while they’re available the next 48 hours. Whether you’re going in on the competition or not you should keep checking out our Facebook page and Twitter during the MCM event as we’ll be posting news and hopefully photos all through the weekend. As you may have already guessed there will be no Friday post tomorrow from Ed. He sends his apologies and looks forward to sharing news with you next week.

Last but by no means least… Era: The Empowered Kickstarter launched yesterday!

If you haven’t heard of this game yet you’re about to be impressed. Era: The Empowered is Ed’s next full depth game. It balances superpower mechanics, a complex history written with more stories than Era: The Consortium, and a large collection of unique artwork all while using our intuitive Era d10 rule set.

I know you’re gonna love it so go check out the Kickstarter and all our redesigned reward levels. We’ve got combo bundles, personalized artwork and characters as well a whole ton of other things. Don’t just stand there, get going!

See you next week


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