Shades of Vengeance is hanging on!

Hi everyone!

We’ve been super, super busy during lockdown – like all of you, I’m sure!

I wanted to take a moment to reassure everyone we’re very much still here and talk about a few things we’re doing that might interest you!

Our team is running daily games (and have been every day since the lockdown began!) on our Discord! You can join in here if you like:

As there are very few conventions at the moment, Leo and I are doing gameplay streams a few times a week, where we discuss what we think about the worldbuilding, characterisation and design of a variety of games. You can find our streams here:
Our next one is on Thursday, so hit Follow and we’ll see you there for some Heavy Rain!

I’m still writing every day, working on Era: Lost Legend and the Era: Survival Expansions, along with a few other cool projects, including an upcoming Audio Drama, a couple of comics and more!

Keep an eye out and stay safe, everyone! And don’t forget to check out the store… things are tough all over, but we have some great games for awesome prices there.

You can also join us on Patreon for monthly goodies:

Thanks so much for your support.

– Ed

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