Shades Of Vengeance Is Going To MCM Comicon! – The Oracle

I’m taking the day off from Consortium announcements today to talk about one of our biggest events of the year; the MCM Comicon convention in London. Ed and the event team spend countless hours going over every detail to make sure your experience with us is top notch. When you visit our booth we’re ready and prepped with several captivating game sessions, physical copies of our books, and answers to all your most pressing questions.

This year, as always, we will be attending MCM on the last weekend of May. We will be set up at Stand 830 near the N4 entrance which should be fairly easy to find so be sure to stop by! This year, we’re also going to be doing something a little different than our previous appearances. Drum roll please…

For the first time ever, SoV Comics will also be located in the Comics Village! This separate location will allow us to display all our comics in one place and make them available to everyone. Our comics team has been hard at work developing new stories and adding on to our existing series. For the last six months we have been building up both Era: The Empowered as well as Era: The Consortium comics collections with the addition of Bug War, Violete, and Blue-Shift. Now it’s time to bring them out and show them off properly!

Our comic stand will be located in N1 at the Comics Village and the table will be run by none other than the Head of Comics for Shades of Vengeance, Johnathan Lewis. John is coming to MCM all the way from America to talk comics. He has a long history of working with comics and he’s ready to answer every question you have so take some time and be sure to drop by.

Both John and Ed will be appearing at some panels during MCM so definitely take note of those as well. They’ll be talking about being creative, a subject both of them know quite a bit about! So, get those tickets and make your plans to meet us at MCM Comicon May 25-27th.

Before I leave you today let’s just take a minute and appreciate today’s feature image. This piece of Consortium artwork comes to us from Bug War 2. If you ask me, it looks like we’re in for another action packed adventure!

That’s it for now, I’ll see you back here next week for more updates!