Sneak Peak! (Pun Intended) – The Oracle

Orcs and trolls and manticores, oh my! The new bestiary content is well underway and we’ve got some great things planned for you. I’m not allowed to give away any secrets but I will tell you that we plan to
include some old favorites as well as a few more unusual creatures to get your imagination burning. Here’s an image by the amazing Sofia Michailidou of a manticore. She did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to see everything she comes up with!


We’re also working on the Travelers Guide and filling out the lands surrounding Yarnolth. It’s a lot like redecorating your apartment…should we put a desert to the north of the city or would a swamp look better there? Should the mountain be East, West, North or South? It’s coming along great and we’re very happy with everything so far.

Until next week!

– A

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