Spotlight: Era: The Chosen

Today’s Spotlight is about one of our newer RPGs that really tackles the psychological and supernatural aspects of horror.

You are a member of one of the few defenders of humanity fighting against an unseen enemy. The five clans who became known as ‘The Chosen’ have been fighting this enemy – the Anonassi – for centuries and an arms race has resulted: the Chosen’s modernisation and ingenuity versus the Anonassi’s biological adaptation.

Throughout with an inter-generational conflict set in the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution or Modern eras.

Players have to contend with Terror: every encounter leaves scars, mentally and physically, and when players encounter these triggers they have to face the insanity with willpower rolls

Will you surpass your fears and earn a trophy to remind you or your resolve? Or will the terror break you, leaving you one of the many Chosen left catatonic by the enemy?

If you’re interested in learning all about the Aether, Lost lands and more about the Chosen feel free to find more on Drive Thru RPG–Core-Rulebook?manufacturers_id=8156