The Next Big Thing – The Oracle

Have I told you how huge Era: The Empowered is going to be? Ed has been busy laying out the full story arc which he’s got down to just the final piece and it looks like we’re going to have around 180 short stories! That’s even more than we had in The Consortium.

We want this game to have that same feel of depth and epic storytelling as our flagship game. Many of the stories will be illustrated to help show off our expansive universe teeming with Empowered who are each different from the next. We’ll have some folks with powers that you’ve seen before and quite a few that you haven’t… turning water into glue, for instance!

Our heroes and villains will have unique stories and unique motivations. Some of the most unlikely characters are the ones who will turn out to be stronger than even they imagined and perhaps save the universe. We’re pulling out all the stops and giving this game our best work yet.

You won’t have to wait long to get yourself in on the story. The Empowered rulebook Primer Kickstarter is coming up soon. Set yourself a reminder for October 21st and be sure to get in on this first taste of power, intrigue, action, and manipulation!

Until next week!


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