Do You Want To Write for Shades of Vengeance? – The Oracle

Ed is on the hunt for writers to help us expand our universe! We have a brilliant staff of writers with a wide range of experience and we’d love to add your voice to our team. Your work will primarily be with the development of sessions and campaigns for our Era titles. Are you familiar with our different worlds?

Era: The Consortium is set inside an epic futuristic universe where a small handful of huge corporations rule the major aspects of society. In this world, five separate races of sentient beings exist together across several planets in a sometimes uneasy peace. Add those elements to the existence of a rebel faction trying to overthrow the establishment and you’ve got some fantastic adventures waiting to happen. Do you have a great idea for a new Consortium session?

Era: Survival is our dark look at a world torn apart from within. This universe is filled with many factions of humans all trying to survive in their own way against the horrors of the Infected. Life on Gaia is a struggle and any who survive will face mounting odds as they work to build a life as best they can. Between the monstrosities stalking you in the wild to the zealous factions willing to do anything for their own survival, this world is hostile even on its best day. Perhaps you can think of new possibilities for future campaigns here?

Era: The Empowered is our newest universe and set inside a somewhat more familiar world. Heroes, villains and bystanders populate Earth starting from their discovery in the mid 90s and running through an expansive history. There are any number of super powered characters to follow in a sweeping story arc which will see the rise and fall of many great heroes. Have you ever wanted to write your own super powered session? Now is your chance!

Whether you’re fascinated by the possibilities of future species and technology, revel in the struggles of survival in the darkness, or enjoy the thrill of super powered battles you will find a good home writing sessions and campaigns for Shades of Vengeance. For more information send a message to Ed either through our website or Facebook. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

That’s all I have for you today except to remind you that we have two Kickstarters winding down this week. This will be your last chance to get in on these so definitely check them out. Era: The Empowered’s core rulebook will end on Sunday and Blue-Shift’s comic will finish up on Friday. Don’t wait!

I’ll see you on Saturday for a quick Consortium update!