Working on a New Game – The Oracle

Last week I gave you some ideas of what to do when we’ve got a slow news day. Did anyone else try sock puppets? Word of caution, make sure you haven’t just gone to the gym before you stuff your hand in your sock. You’ve been warned.

Today I’ve got more than fuzzy cotton blend entertainment for you. Ed recently informed me that he is in talks with a new developer! I don’t have much detail yet but I can tell you that we’re looking into assisting with the creation of the game as well as running its Kickstarter. This will be a Fantasy title and I can only guess at what sort of world we’ll be creating. Does anyone care to guess with me… something in the style of Tolkien perhaps? Stick with me and I’ll keep you up to date as more details emerge on this and all our developing games.

Also, Ed is working on the final round of edits in the Marked For Death Kickstarter video. We’re really getting close now and you can expect an announcement soon about the kickoff of that event.

See you next week!

– A

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