Era: Silence is a unique tabletop roleplaying game where you and your friends will start out playing in complete silence. The high fantasy realm lets you play a character from one of three clans who is sent to the Isle of Silence to prove your worth. After finishing the challenges and earning your True Name, you'll be allowed to leave this strange astral plane and explore the world at large. Get your copy of the Era: Silence Rulebook on our store.

While on the astral plane, your characters can't speak to each other so neither can you. This allows for more creativity and proves that you don't need speech to play a roleplaying game.

Each challenge on the Isle of Silence contains a specific situation and can be completed in 2-4 hours. After completing the challenges you'll be allowed to play in the open-ended world... And can speak again.

Era: Silence uses our critically acclaimed Era d10 rule set along with 26 different skills (called Abilities here). Some are magical and some are not.

We provide detailed stories in an open-world setting that takes place on the astral plane and the mortal world. We also provide additional challenges so the GM can reuse some and introduce others for replayability.