Era: Lyres is a tabletop roleplaying game where you tell wild stories about the daunting adventures you've had. Gain fame and glory by becoming the most renowned tall tale-telling adventurer around. Crime may not pay, but lying certainly does in the city of Yarnolth. Visit our store to secure your copy of the rulebook and free maps and character sheet.

Play as a bard, rogue, or warrior and make up amazing stories of how you, along with your group, fought off screaming skeletons in an alligator-infested swamp or saved a damsel from a vampire.

The GM will control the audience and their reactions, so you'll have to wind a carefully spun tale that keeps them entertained - or be rewarded with a bar brawl. Need some inspiration for your stories, read a few stories from the Lyres here.

Era: Lyres makes use of a detailed and unobtrusive d10 system for character creation and gameplay so the story keeps on flowing naturally.

The world of Era: Lyres may or may not be full of sinister monsters, but the audience doesn't know that! Just keep telling an unbelievably believable tale and have them gobble it all up.