Busy Days are here to Stay – The Oracle

There’s rarely ever a slow day at Shades of Vengeance and with the non-stop creative schedule that Ed has planned for 2016 I have a feeling we’re going to keep things moving right along from here on out! Now that the recent Secret War expansion is in the final stages and rewards are lined up to be sent out to backers we can talk a little more about what’s coming next for The Consortium.

Right now, Ed is working on the two story related expansions that follow The Secret War. He’s told me that along with introducing a new species he’s also considering adding a few other exciting things, including weapons modifications which is brand new to Era: The Consortium. He’s also throwing around the idea of combining the two expansions into one book. These would contain both the advances from the new race and something extra that he’s not letting us in on just yet. I’m not even sure what he’s got planned… Ed is good at a lot of things and keeping secrets is right up there at the top.

That’s all the news I have for you today. Stop in next Saturday for a surprise peek at what Ed’s been developing.

See you next week!


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