Coming Soon: “Melqart: Unity”

I'm tremendously looking forward to this comic, which is the first I've ever written completely alone, coming out on Kickstarter. With the help of the amazing Robert Nix on artwork and Keith A Johnston on lettering, I have started to see a semi-Sci-Fi story in my superhero universe come to life... and there's basically nothing better than that! Melqart: Unity will hit Kickstarter next year with the aim of delivering a 12-page comic and a 24-page comic as the Stretch Goal. I hope people will support it, because I think it's one of the best comic arcs I have ever written! If you want... more

A Very Brief Update!

Hi everyone! I'm going to keep it short this week. Last week, I was not able to join you because I have just moved house from my home of 5 years and that was pretty exhausting! Even so, creation halts for nothing, so I have delivered Violete #2's Digital Rewards this week, along with preparing a new comic project, which I hope to launch imminently! I've recently reached out to a few indie writers to collaborate on comics and I'm obviously working through the last of the Survival expansions (3 to go, all almost done!). Beyond that, I'm looking at Era: Forbidden's Core Rulebook and... more

Loads of New Releases… SOON!

Hi everyone! We've been busy all through COVID-19, and various other factors have brought a number of projects together at the same time. This is both good and bad, but I don't think any of it is going to affect delivery in a significant way: I'm still only working on one thing personally (Era: Survival Expansions). So, what's this whole load of stuff going on? A Titan's Rise Audio Drama CreditsWe've had A Titan's Rise ready since before the Kickstarter, except for the credits, which could be influenced by the backers. On Monday this week, I recorded the credits and they are now... more

Update – We’re Back!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last made a post, and I thought it was about time I got things moving again in terms of updates, because we are still working hard! COVID-19 has been very hard on everyone, of course, and it's changed the landscape a lot for us. We've done a lot this year, but it's been very, very different to our plans for 2020. Our Discord ( has been running games like crazy! We've grown our community there, and we're offering several games a week still, so if you'd like to play some Era games online, you are welcome to join us.... more

Spotlight: Blue-Shift – Frenemies

The most infamous day of February is days away, a time for dates, gifts, and frenemies! You read that right - especially if you're a speedster named Blue-Shift. The fastest person on the planet is not only playable in our RPG but her story is being told in our fabulous comics! In “Frenemies”, you get a glimpse into a vigilante’s work-life balance, trying to make civilian life work while also donning her crime-fighting armour. When her Empowered life collides with her secret identity, she’ll have to make some hard choices. Check out the link below if you want to see the... more

A Busy 2019 already!

Hi everyone! You might have noticed that we've been particularly busy this year, and there's a good reason for it. With The Bug War #3: Mobilisation, Era: Lyres Definitive Edition, The Era Zone and Blue-Shift #2 all within the last 2 months, you might think we've gone crazy! Knowing that we're also delivering rewards from multiple Kickstarters (Era: Survival - Colony, Battlecruiser Alamo, Era: Lyres Definitive Edition, The Era Zone and Bug War #3: Mobilisation) during these two months as well will probably reinforce that. We haven't. (Well, no more than we already were!) We're... more

Blue-Shifting our way back onto your shelves!

A year ago, Blue-Shift launched on Kickstarter, speeding onto our shelves and into our hearts. Her adventure with Shira, Daniel, Cosh and the Necromancer has received critical acclaim from many and it has become one of the most sought-after comics we have ever written. Well, it's happening again! We couldn't let this day go unmarked without giving Blue-Shift the chance to resolve the leftover threads from her last issue. Blue-Shift #2 is therefore on Kickstarter now! "Blue-Shift #2: Mindgames" is the... more

Coming this year from SoV Comics…

Hi everyone! I wanted to give you a quick insight into what to expect from SoV Comics this year, now that Mobilisation: The Bug War #3's Kickstarter is over! We have a lot more planned, from Blue-Shift #2 (title image pin-up by Chinedu Campbell) and Violete #2 to a new Era: The Consortium comic called DISARMed, about a group of mech pilots! Add to that some more independent Empowered, such as Fauna, and a new entry for Penumbra to prepare for that elusive team-up issue you've all been waiting for, and it's an exciting time! If you're not currently up to date, don't forget to check... more

What to expect in 2019!

Hi everyone! As it is the last Thursday of this year, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about the first few things you can expect to see from us in 2019. There's some amazing stuff in here, so if you want to know what we have planned, just read on... Era: The Consortium - 5th Anniversary Yes, that's right, February 2019 is the 5th anniversary of the production of Era: The Consortium's first Core Rulebooks (and our first Kickstarter!). I can hardly believe it's been 5 years, but I double checked! We've got some extremely special things planned to celebrate, not the least of which... more

Kazumi, Lobo and more from Johnathan Lewis!

Hi everyone! Johnathan Lewis, long-time writer and creator for SoV Comics, along with being one of the writers for Era: The Consortium and many others, has done an interview on our latest comic on Kickstarter, Kazuki and the Deathseekers! You can check it out here: If you want to get onto Kazuki and the Deathseekers, you can join the Kickstarter here for a few more days: -... more

Violete: Unstoppable

Hi everyone! Today, a major milestone for Era: The Empowered comics: our fan faovurite, Violete: Unstoppable is now available on DriveThruComics: Violete became a fast favourite earlier this year when the Kickstarter was released. If you missed the ride, you should definitely check the comic out, because Violete's story is inspiring and exciting. -... more

Penumbra Adventures #2 Available now on our Store!

Hi everyone! If there's one thing no-one can deny about Penumbra, it's that she gets around. That's the story of the "Penumbra Adventures" miniseries Johnathan Lewis and I have been working on. The first issue has already been released, but did you know there's also a second? Well, you do now! It's on the store from today! -... more

Life on Gaia, EGX, RTX and upcoming cool stuff!

Hi everyone! I apologise for the lack of news post last week, but things have been crazy over here at Shades of Vengeance HQ! We did RTX in London a week ago, and then the 4-day EGX (formerly EuroGamer) in Birmingham. If you're a new fan from meeting us there, welcome! That's kept us very busy indeed for the last couple of weeks. Along with that, we've launched the Life on Gaia Kickstarter: Leo has been working night and day to get the stories which we spent the... more

Penumbra Adventures #1, available now on DriveThruComics!

Hi everyone! I'm pleased to announce that our leading lady of the Empowered Universe, Penumbra (have you noticed she shows up everywhere?!), has her first comic available on DriveThruComics! Check it out here to grab your copy: -... more

Finishing this week on Kickstarter: Era: The Chosen and Lobo!

Hi everyone! Era: The Chosen has broken multiple Stretch Goals and more await. If you want to get hold of not only our latest RPG but some awesome free extras, this is your last chance! You can join us right here: Lobo: Dauntless ends on the same day. This comic is approaching Funded, so we hope you'll join us in pushing it over the line! Just $2 will get you a digital version of our latest comic in the Era: The Empowered universe... You can get it... more

Lacuna: Revelation available now on DriveThruComics!

Hi everyone! Join Lacuna on his first adventure, now through DriveThruRPG! When he discovers he has superpowers, he knows what he needs to do: deal with the kind of people who ruined his life. But everything becomes a little less clear when he encounters Penumbra, another Empowered with control over Shadows. Their adventure is just the first in the Empowered universe... stay tuned for more, but start right here: -... more

Evil Overlord, Lobo Comic!

Hi everyone! Era: The Chosen is taking a lot of the headlines this week (unsurprisingly, as it launched yesterday on Kickstarter! Don't forget to check it out if you didn't already). However, there's a lot of other stuff going on over here at Shades of Vengeance! Evil Overlord is still in printing (see below), but the Kickstarter Expansion decks have arrived with me! The printing for the Core Decks should be finished by the end of the month, and then are being rushed over to me for distribution out to all of those wonderful backers.   Lobo, our latest Era: The... more

Violete: Unstoppable Available now from our Store!

Hi everyone! I have great news for everyone who likes Era: The Empowered today - Violete: Unstoppable, our fifth comic in the Empowered Universe, is available now on our Store! Violete is a superhero with super strength and flight, but that doesn't mean life is easy. She thought "the hero thing" wouldn't be a problem apart from the late nights. When an ordinary criminal she has defeated multiple times gets enhanced by an unknown party, she... more

Comics Coming!

Hi everyone! As Amy said in her last post, I (Ed) am taking over for a month, while she has a bit of a holiday! I'm going to talk to you about three amazing comics today... Firstly, there's the Bug War. Some of you may remember the Bug War 2 Kickstarter, which ran at the end of last year: it told the story of Liam, a James Bond-type hero who infiltrated a Ximian hive and, unfortunately, got captured, even though the information was returned! Well, there's more to his story and we're going to be telling it on Kickstarter before long, so watch this space for that to appear! There... more

More Comics Are On The Way – The Oracle

Now that our back-to-back run of convention appearances is over we're full speed ahead on the creation of our two favorite things, games and comics. Those of you who stopped by at either MCM or UKGE these past two weeks will certainly have noticed that the amount of comics we have on offer is getting substantial. Still, Ed and the Comics Team have plans to ramp up production even more! We're developing a large and interconnected sequence of comic story-lines which will allow each character their own feature comics as well as a chance to appear in combined stories. Some of these characters... more

Spotlight on Consortium Comics! – The Oracle

Last week I gave you all a brief rundown of what we’ve done so far with our Empowered comics. Today I have a chance to do the same for our Era: The Consortium comics series. The Consortium was the first title in the Era line of games and it’s only right that it was also the place we started when we began to make our first forays into the world of comic book creation. Some of you might remember our earliest books but even if you’re entirely new this should be a fun way to reminisce and get a glimpse of things yet to come. So, let’s start with our very first comic… The Last Stand... more

Spotlight on Era: The Empowered Comics – The Oracle

In just a few weeks Shades of Vengeance will be appearing at MCM Comicon in London with our first-ever booth inside the Comics Village. In celebration of our upcoming comic book showcase I’m going to take today and talk entirely about what we’ve already created as well as where we’re heading in the world of Era: The Empowered Comics. As some of you might remember, our first Empowered comic was about Chris ‘Lacuna’ Jameson and his life-changing encounter with two other Empowered. In his debut comic, Lacuna learned that he had to use more than brute force to defeat some enemies and... more

Updates On Several New Games – The Oracle

Hello, all you fabulous game lovers out there. Today we’re heading in many different directions so hold on as I take you through a bunch of great things that we’re currently working on. As I mentioned last week, the Battlecruiser Alamo RPG Kickstarter is well underway and has been growing steadily. Thank you to everyone who’s decided to show this unique game some love. We’re nearing 100% funding and there’s over two weeks left so head over and check it out! Rewards we’re offering include both digital and physical rulebooks as well as Player’s Guides and copies signed by the... more

Shades Of Vengeance Is Going To MCM Comicon! – The Oracle

I’m taking the day off from Consortium announcements today to talk about one of our biggest events of the year; the MCM Comicon convention in London. Ed and the event team spend countless hours going over every detail to make sure your experience with us is top notch. When you visit our booth we’re ready and prepped with several captivating game sessions, physical copies of our books, and answers to all your most pressing questions. This year, as always, we will be attending MCM on the last weekend of May. We will be set up at Stand 830 near the N4 entrance which should be fairly easy... more

Violete: Unstoppable, our next Comic, is live!

Hi everyone! With the delivery of all of the Blue-Shift rewards, the SoV Comics guys have launched their next Kickstarter! Violete is the story of a hero who is trying to help a city that doesn't want help. She has powers and feels the need to stop crime, but the police just want to arrest her, despite her relatively pacifistic methods. The criminals she is arresting don't like her much either, and she meets her match when one of them is transformed into the unstoppable supervillain,... more

Kickstarter Final Words For Era: The Empowered – The Oracle

We’ve made it to the end of two more successful Kickstarters! Both Era: The Empowered’s full rulebook and Blue-Shift’s comic have now finished their events. Thank you to everyone who stopped in to check these out, passed along the campaigns, or helped these projects by becoming a backer. Your support means that we can keep making more magnificent games! Era: The Empowered ended its event at $8800 which is a great accomplishment. Because of all your generous support we were able to unlock a whopping SIX Stretch Goals! For all you who chose to become a part of this campaign you’re in... more

More Comics are coming our way! – The Oracle

We’ve already produced several successful comics for both our Era: The Consortium and Era: Empowered universes and we just can’t seem to stop! The comics division of Shades of Vengeance is working double time to increase production and throughout this upcoming year, Ed plans to significantly ramp up the number of comics we’re creating. He has loads planned and we really hope that you’ll join us along our journey! Right now, Penumbra #2 Fear the Bunny Lord is still available on Kickstarter. If you haven’t dropped over to take a look I can tell you that there are some pretty cool... more

Penumbra: Fear the Bunny Lord available on Kickstarter now!

Hi everyone! Our latest comic is now available on Kickstarter! Join Penumbra on her latest adventure and find out what happens when she faces someone who can ignore her best abilities! -... more

Era: The Empowered is getting a Comics Anthology – The Oracle

Last week I directed you to check out the Kickstarter for our most recent comic; Violete from Era: The Empowered. Thank you to everyone who ran over and expressed an interest in our latest hero. It’s because of that excitement and our own desire to bring you something even better that John and Ed have decided to cancel that Kickstarter. Now, before you tell me I’m crazy, let me reassure you: Violete’s still going to tell her story and all you fabulous backers will still get a chance to read it. Ed has decided to make an anthology! This Era: The Empowered Anthology will bring you... more

The Next Era Comic Is Coming Up! – The Oracle

It’s time once again for another fabulous Era Comic! This time we get to experience the next super powered hero from Era: The Empowered. Violete spends her time balancing school life, family matters and the occasional run-in with petty criminals. Her powers of flight and super strength make her a force to be reckoned with until she meets a villain with powers of his own. Now, Violete finds herself in a fight for her life that could push her into becoming more than just an average hero. This is the third comic for Era: The Empowered and it is written by Ed Jowett and Jennifer Martin,... more