#AudioDramaSunday – How to approach the booth.

Hey Folks! It's been a while, but I'm back with another how-to for #AudioDramaSunday! We’ve been doing some recording for an upcoming project, so all of this is rather fresh! Today, we're talking about the all-important things you should do to make sure your time in the booth is the best possible! 1. Get Physical (No, I don't mean punch the director!) Before recording, get a full body warm up going along with your vocal warm up. Shake yourself out from your head to your toes, do some push-ups or squats. If you want to challenge yourself, singing while planking can kill... more

A Very Brief Update!

Hi everyone! I'm going to keep it short this week. Last week, I was not able to join you because I have just moved house from my home of 5 years and that was pretty exhausting! Even so, creation halts for nothing, so I have delivered Violete #2's Digital Rewards this week, along with preparing a new comic project, which I hope to launch imminently! I've recently reached out to a few indie writers to collaborate on comics and I'm obviously working through the last of the Survival expansions (3 to go, all almost done!). Beyond that, I'm looking at Era: Forbidden's Core Rulebook and... more

Loads of New Releases… SOON!

Hi everyone! We've been busy all through COVID-19, and various other factors have brought a number of projects together at the same time. This is both good and bad, but I don't think any of it is going to affect delivery in a significant way: I'm still only working on one thing personally (Era: Survival Expansions). So, what's this whole load of stuff going on? A Titan's Rise Audio Drama CreditsWe've had A Titan's Rise ready since before the Kickstarter, except for the credits, which could be influenced by the backers. On Monday this week, I recorded the credits and they are now... more

#AudioDramaSunday: Finding Your Voice

Hey folks, Leo here, with some more sound advice for this Audio Drama Sunday! This time it’s about characterisation  then a little focus for creating those voices in the booth. First things first: remember that inspiration can come from anywhere, not just a character’s backstory or the universe's preconceptions. Ask yourself whether anything else inspired the way you imagine that character's demeanour – a friend? a family member? the mannerisms you once heard a celebrity used during an interview? Then, take a note on how that builds the character in the mind of others in... more

#AudioDramaSunday: Audiobooks, fear, and you!

Hey folks! Time for another #AudioDramaSunday post. This time, I want to talk about how to record audiobooks. In particular, on our Survival Horror anthology Life On Gaia (https://www.shadesofvengeance.com/product/life-on-gaia-audio-book/) - there were a lot of lessons I learned during and after recording! Preparation is key! Warming up is ideal to set the scene. Vocal warmups can help with your overall headspace as well - plan for it every time and recording will go more smoothly. Pacing takes practice. In a sequence of short stories, like Life on Gaia, every story will... more

#AudioDramaSunday Music: How to work with it and where to find it!

Hey Folks! Last week, I talked about the sound design of A Titan's Rise. Today, I want to dive into how music can make your world pop. We've used music to boost our Audio Dramas since before we had brilliant composers on the Erascapes team – I want to show you how we found them by looking at the original Radio Free Taranis episodes. Our podcast set around Midnight Terry's anti-establishment rants needed music to break things up, so the writers' room started by talking about what genres would best suit the mood and then I went on a journey! Enter http://dig.ccmixter.org/ This... more

Update – We’re Back!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last made a post, and I thought it was about time I got things moving again in terms of updates, because we are still working hard! COVID-19 has been very hard on everyone, of course, and it's changed the landscape a lot for us. We've done a lot this year, but it's been very, very different to our plans for 2020. Our Discord (https://discord.gg/6C4H9Cv) has been running games like crazy! We've grown our community there, and we're offering several games a week still, so if you'd like to play some Era games online, you are welcome to join us.... more

#AudioDramaSunday Spotlight: The Sounds of A Titan’s Rise

Hello everybody! Now that the Kickstarter is funded I wanted to dig a little deeper into a few aspects of A Titan's Rise (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/erascapes/a-titans-rise-a-cyberpunk-full-cast-audio-drama?ref=1tx0ci)! Did you know that we recorded our own sound effects? We felt it was important to fully craft the unique nature of the Consortium setting and give extra support to our fabulous voice actors. We spent two days recording SFX that included combat, footsteps and even machine parts for the tech, appliances and vehicles that you hear as we explore the Consortium.... more

A Titan’s Rise – Epic Audio Drama

Hi everyone! Today, I want to talk about A Titan's Rise, an Audio Drama that has been in production for 2 years now, and has finally make it to Kickstarter!https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/erascapes/a-titans-rise-a-cyberpunk-full-cast-audio-drama?ref=esgm94 It's currently 33% Funded (just 24 hours in!) and we're hoping it'll go to the goal and beyond by the end of its 34-day run. Leo and I had worked on an audio project - Life on Gaia, the Era: Survival Audio Book - but we both had slightly higher aspirations than reading the stories that had already been written for the universes.... more

Spotlight: Era The Empowered – Artemis

Today we’re taking a dive into the Era: The Empowered universe and learning about Artemis - the supposed leader of the Old Gods. This group awaken to “reclaim” Terra. Before engaging in battle with the hero team Aegis, the 'Goddess of the Hunt' makes herself known with a live broadcast over Terra, and a challenge to her foes. Introducing of the core events in the Empowered timeline, Artemis' reveal leads to An awakening of more Gods for Aegis to overcome: you can learn more about them in the Era: The Empowered RPG. Interested in hearing more? Artemis' arrival is one of our... more

Spotlight: Radio Free Taranis

Good Evening! With Valentine’s Day only a month away (!) This spotlight is for all you cyber-cupids out there; on Radio Free Taranis you can join anti-Consortium lothario Midnight Terry for the best pick up lines this side of the future. Get suggestions for conversation starters and memorable opening lines you'd never have thought of, such as: "I'm Midnight Terry and I'm here to reach into your mind and inject some truth into your brain!""You've wandered into the only place where you can hear the raw, uncut truth...""Come get a dose of reality that's sure to curl your... more

Era: Lyres Audio Short – A Very Trout Christmas

Hi everyone! To get into the Christmas spirit, we've done a special Audio Short set in the Era: Lyres universe for you to enjoy! Produced by Heike Priwitzer, who worked with me on the original story, this is an adaptation of the piece that appeared in The Era Zone Issue 4! This is totally free, so enjoy a present from us this Christmas! You can find it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/MytwwlacWRw or on Podbean: https://shadesofvengeance.podbean.com/e/era-lyres-a-very-trout-christmas/... more

Don’t forget Discord!

Hi everyone! I just want to remind you about two things: Firstly, we have a Discord Server. It's the best place to ask us questions about the games, or to get involved in some of the amazing events we have coming up to celebrate Era: The Consortium's 5th Anniversary. There's a chance to get your character featured in one of our upcoming books, so I'd definitely recommend you consider joining! https://discord.gg/6C4H9Cv Secondly, The Era Zone comes out on Kickstarter tomorrow, so fingers on those buttons and get ready to go! The amazing subscription price will increase if we fund... more

Life on Gaia Kickstarter over, Era: Survival Colony coming soon…!

Hi everyone! We're giving Era: Survival plenty of attention at the moment, and not just because it's halloween! Our post-apocalyptic world is one of my favourite universes because it's got so much potential complexity alongside such a simple concept. Life on Gaia, our audio book set on the world of Era: Survival, is now over. The lucky backers will be able to immerse themselves in the outstandingly detailed universe, brought to life by Leo Cosh's talents. However, we have a new game coming soon to Kickstarter, called Era: Survival - Colony. This is a brand new kind of card game... more