Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 24

Hi everyone! A little investigation gives an indication where the meeting between Ixitanka and his contact is likely to happen and the team sprint into action, ready to stop any attempt by Smertios Security to assassinate their fellow Resistance members! Join Ed the GM and the team as they prepare to stop Smertios Security’s heinous plot in the latest episode of Stiletto Unit 447CE! Don't forget you can also join us on Podbean if you prefer audio... more

Games Update!

Hi everyone! Ed here, to give you another of our regular updates on games that are in production but not yet delivered! Battlecruiser Alamo RPG was committed for December and is going well but, due to the Christmas postage rush, we suspect we may not get it out by the end of the year. Instead, it should arrive with backers early in 2019! We've informed the backers of this already and have had only the strongest support expressed: we want to produce the best book we can and represent the amazing universe created by Richard Tongue in the highest possible fidelity, so we appreciate your... more

Era: The Consortium – The Secret War – Fate of the Enemy Campaign available now on DriveThruRPG!

Hi everyone! A fantastic opportunity today on DriveThruRPG - for the first time, you can get the Fate of the Enemy campaign, produced for Era: The Consortum's Secret War expansion! Previously, you had to be a Kickstarter backer from several years ago in order to have access to it, but it's now available to anyone who wants it for a PWYW price! I hope you enjoy this unique campaign within the Consortium universe! -... more

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 23

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our actual play campaign, Stiletto Unit 447CE. With Nara rescued from floating in space through Ka'tal's heroic actions, the team return to Old Bob to report their success. However, not everything is as straightforward as they might like... -... more

Dragonmeet on Saturday!

Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder today that it's Dragonmeet on Saturday! We're really looking forward to seeing everyone who makes it there - I hope you'll join us to talk Era games, Champion of Earth, Evil Overlord and more! And some good news for US-based people - we're going to be starting to do a few conventions out in the US in 2019 for the first time! Keep an eye out here for more news...! -... more

Era: The Consortium Wave 2 Expansions Bundle available now on DriveThruRPG!

Hi everyone! We've finished the release of Expansions Volume 2 on DriveThruRPG now, so you can get a bundle with all of them from right here: If you already have them all, don't worry... there's a lot more coming soon for Era: The Consortium! -... more

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 22

Hi everyone! Nara, who failed to convince Ixitanka she should be kept alive in her form of Guard Sergeant Bob, has been ejected into space! The team must now race against time to rescue their larcenous colleague. Will Ka'tal, Reluflissy and Bonsai be able to save her before she runs out of air? And without Ixitanka noticing? Find out with us in Episode 22! Want it on Podbean? Grab it here: -... more

Era: Hitman – The Ambassador

Hi everyone! When Era: Hitman was released, there were a few sessions which were created in addition to the Rulebook. One of those was "The Ambassador" and I've finally been able to release it on our Store for the first time today! At under $1, it's a great little treat for yourself... Don't miss out, it's a fantastic little session for Era: Hitman... -... more

Did you know we have a Discord?

Hi everyone! I wanted to remind everyone that we have a Discord for Shades of Vengeance! I'm on there all the time during waking hours, poised and ready to answer any questions people have, as well as giving insight into what the team is working on right now! The same applies to Head of Comics Johnathan Lewis and EraScapes head honcho Leo Cosh... so if you want to know more about what's going on, there's no better place to be! If you'd like to join us, you can do so with this link: Additionally, there are bonus channels for Patreon backers... more

Era: Balam – Fate Version – now available on DriveThruRPG!

Hi everyone! The Fate version of Era: Balam, created by me and adapted by the amazing Nick Bate, has now been released on DriveThruRPG for those of you who want to get hold of it on there! Era: Balam is a unique little game and I think this Fate adaptation was the better of the two we did, so it's well worth a look! -... more

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 21

Hi everyone! In the latest fantastic episode of Stiletto Unit 447CE, the team realise who they are delivering the Laser Cannons to and have to think of a plan quickly! I would say, more than any other so far, this episode ends with a "To Be Continued..." Don't forget that you can also join us on Podbean if you prefer: -... more

What’s on for the rest of this year?

Hi everyone! With AetherCon now done, we have just one more convention this year, Dragonmeet on the 1st December ( I'll be there myself, along with with a team who will be ready to show you everything about our games, so if you're in London, don't miss out! Of course, the fact there are fewer conventions actually means we're working harder towards creating new things! A few things to note are: This is #EraWriMo - our version of #NaNoWriMo - and the amazing Johnathan Lewis and I are working together to write as many comics as we can within this... more

Era: Survival Definitive Edition and Digital Karma Cards now available on DriveThruRPG!

Hi everyone! Another two awesome releases on DriveThruRPG! Firstly, the Era: Survival Definitive Edition: a book which contains not only the Core Rulebook and extra materials but also the two expansions deemed "vital" by reviewer "Talking About Games"! It's a great chance to get everything you could possibly want to play Era: Survival. While gameplay is possible in Era: Survival without the Karma Cards, I would always recommend that you should use them - they balance an otherwise flat scale by... more

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 20!

Hi everyone! The latest episode of our actual play, Stiletto Unit 447CE, is now available on YouTube and Podbean!  (video) (audio only) In this episode, Reluflissy has a strange reaction to a product being sold in the Black Market, much to Nara's annoyance, Ka'tal finishes his competition and Bonsai loots an unconscious body! (I guess those are the easiest kind to loot?!) Don't miss the latest episode of Stiletto Unit 447CE! -... more

Era: Silence Soundscapes and Extras available now on the SoV Store!

Hi everyone! A double entry for Era: Silence today as we offer the Soundscapes and the Extras on the SoV Store for the first time! The soundscapes were created by Leo Cosh and directed by Ed Jowett (me!) in order to enhance the experience of playing Era: Survival. With one for most of the challenges, you can set them to play on loop while the group attempt to solve the particular challenge they are facing! This adds to the immersion and ambience that is offered by the game, particularly as the players will be... more

What’s Coming Next for Shades of Vengeance?

Hi everyone! Isn't the question of what's coming next from us what the Thursday posts are really all about? Well, AetherCon has asked the team (including me!) to do a Q&A about exactly that! You can join us there by getting a (free) ticket from AetherCon to watch, ask questions and more... We'll be talking about what we expect to be working on in 2019, the things you can look forward to and what we have in longer-term development as well! Join us here: -... more

Episode 19 of Stiletto Unit 447CE!

Hi everyone! In this episode, Ka'tal enters a knife competition, hoping to gain some shiny, new throwing knives for... later use. See how that goes, and what Bonsai is up to, in our latest episode! Or catch up on Podbean: -... more

Era: The Consortium – Wave 2 Expansions Collection available now on the Shades of Vengeance Store!

Hi everyone! Great news today for anyone looking to catch up with the expansions for Era: The Consortium: the Wave 2 expansions are now available on our Store! This includes Free Trader, Predictive Genetic Algorithm, New Worlds and Home Base! If you aren't up to date with Era: The Consortium, they are definitely worth a look... -... more

AetherCon – Join Us!

Hi everyone! I'd like to invite you to join us for the slots that we can run at AetherCon! For those of you who don't know, it's an online convention which is free to attend. You just have to sign up and you can join us for various Era games there, run by myself and the team I've trained! Here's the full list of what we're offering: Era: The Chosen - Friday, November 9, 2018 2:00 PM EST - Era: The Consortium - Friday, November 9, 2018 2:00 PM EST... more

Kazumi, Lobo and more from Johnathan Lewis!

Hi everyone! Johnathan Lewis, long-time writer and creator for SoV Comics, along with being one of the writers for Era: The Consortium and many others, has done an interview on our latest comic on Kickstarter, Kazuki and the Deathseekers! You can check it out here: If you want to get onto Kazuki and the Deathseekers, you can join the Kickstarter here for a few more days: -... more

MCM Comicon this Weekend!

Hi everyone! We've just finished setup for our latest MC Comicon - it's our 4th year doing that! Once again, we're doing both games (including demos) and also we have a comics stand, devoted to the Era: The Empowered and Era: The Consortium comics. See the Featured image for a map of where we will be - N5 and N3! We hope to welcome you there! -... more

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 17

Hi everyone! The team are in the black market, but are still short of cash (except for Bonsai!), so they decide to take on a job from "Old Bob", the Ximian Politician who sells Laser Cannons. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan... Join Ed the GM and the team as they try not to breach the hull of Aeron Station (no, really!) in the latest exciting episode of Stiletto Unit 447CE! -... more

Era: Balam (Fate Edition) Released on our Store!

Hi everyone! Thanks to the awesome work of Nick Bate, the Fate edition of Era: Balam is an enveloping piece of work which expresses the universe perfectly in the lite roleplaying system. For the first time, you can now get that from our store: -... more

Violete: Unstoppable

Hi everyone! Today, a major milestone for Era: The Empowered comics: our fan faovurite, Violete: Unstoppable is now available on DriveThruComics: Violete became a fast favourite earlier this year when the Kickstarter was released. If you missed the ride, you should definitely check the comic out, because Violete's story is inspiring and exciting. -... more

Two Weeks of Conventions!

Hi everyone! This week, I'm pleased to be able to talk about some fantastic things we're doing over the next two weekends. First, there's GamesFest, which is in Victoria Hall in Tring! We'll be there once again and raring to go. But there's more! We're also running the "Championship of Earth" competition, the first time that we've ever run a tournament for our first card game! There are some fantastic prizes on offer, including an exclusive chance to get one of the few remaining Kickstarter Expansion decks, and snag a £50 prize! Don't miss the opportunity to prove your heroic... more

Just launched – Era: Survival – Colony

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know that our latest card game has just launched on Kickstarter and has had a phenomenal first day, reaching 347% Funded! We're hoping to go a bit further with the project than that, and have some amazing ideas for Stretch Goals which I know you will love, so don't forget to check it out! -... more

Stiletto Unit 447CE – Episode 16

Hi everyone! Welcome to the 16th session of Stiletto Unit 447CE! I have to say, I think this is my favourite session we have done yet - in it, I got to play with each character individually as they had a short conversation with various NPCs. Looking for information, they are forced to split up and question people in Aeron's Black Market. What will they find out? Join us to discover the seedy underbelly of the Consortium through the eyes of Reluflissy, Bonsai, Ka'tal and Nara: For the audio only, visit our... more

DriveThruComics Release – Infiltration: The Bug War #2

Hi everyone! Declaration: The Bug War #1 set some wheels in motion and now it's time to follow up with them. This enemy will not go away. Good news for everyone following this series on DriveThruComics: Infiltration, the second comic in the series, is up now! Join the Bug War as Liam Paine, a Shade for Hayden Bank, begins to investigate the enemy they have entered the conflict with... -... more

Life on Gaia Kickstarter over, Era: Survival Colony coming soon…!

Hi everyone! We're giving Era: Survival plenty of attention at the moment, and not just because it's halloween! Our post-apocalyptic world is one of my favourite universes because it's got so much potential complexity alongside such a simple concept. Life on Gaia, our audio book set on the world of Era: Survival, is now over. The lucky backers will be able to immerse themselves in the outstandingly detailed universe, brought to life by Leo Cosh's talents. However, we have a new game coming soon to Kickstarter, called Era: Survival - Colony. This is a brand new kind of card game... more