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It is the future, and Earth is nothing more than a distant memory. Humanity has left our Solar System, finding a new home among the stars. After over a thousand years of journeying, a star with a habitable planet was found.After a problematic planetfall in their massive ship, the Kurmaja, the surviving crew removed the colonists from stasis. To their surprise, they found that stasis had damaged the memories of most of the citizens, and very few remembered anything at all about Earth. Despite this, they began colonisation – cannibalising the remains of their great ship to build their first city, Kurma.

Eventually, a government was established. It was agreed that their society would be one where financial power meant political power. A charter was drawn up, declaring that the 200 most financially powerful seperate corporations (many of which had been hastily formed by citizens with an eye for power!) would form the government of the Consortium, with a delegate from each representing it in a Senate. The political structure of the Consortium evolved over the years until seven companies emerged as the overall financial successes, and therefore political powers.

The “Big Seven”, as they became known, consisted of: The Hayden Bank, the only licensed financial institute; Smertios Security, the military force of the Consortium; C&C: Colonisation & Construction, the company with the patent for the bio-dome design; The Mining Conglomerate, in control of all commercial mineral extraction; Moritasgus Pharmaceuticals, providing food, medicine and other chemicals; Open Technology, leaders in computer research and development; and Hardcastle Haulage, transport near-monopoly.

This game follows the Consortium through 450 years of history after this point, through First Contact with aliens, exploration, wars and eventual stability. The below stories are intended to give an idea of the universe.



“Our diversity has made us stronger. The addition of ‘aliens’ to our society has pushed our social and scientific development in ways no-one could have expected. What the Consortium hasn’t realised and doesn’t value is that Humanity is stronger for its alien cousins!”

– Steve Adams, Excerpt from a speech, May 446CE

Humans of Taranis
The Eulutians
Ximians, Adapted for Survival
The Ever-changing Vilithii



“The organisations of the Consortium are many and varied – this is what brings us our strength, flexibility and will. We will not only defeat this challenge, but we will seek out the next also – and we will do it together!”

– Georgina Fruehauf, Head of PR for Smertios Security, 15th November 187CE

The Big Seven
C&C: Colonisation and Construction
Hardcastle Haulage
Hayden Bank
The Mining Conglomerate
Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals
Open Technology
Smertios Security


Alternate Universe Companies

This “Alternate Universe” group are organisations which ceased to exist in the main Consortium timeline but exist in the timeline created by the time travellers in the Patreon Time Travel Campaign!

Hodder Security
Security First



“It is the people in the Consortium that matter, not the organisation. If they don’t have protection from the intentions of Big Seven, they won’t be people any more. They will be controlled, or they will be corpses. The Consortium fear us because they know that people can change the universe if they need to.”

Excerpt from a speech by Steve Adams, December 23rd 446CE


Gueya's Journal
Amanda Morgan
Anonymous Prisoner
Darren - Ximian Detection
Jon Silver - General of the Consortium
Thomas Villa
Setting Sun, overthrower of Vilithii
Elliot Draigon, CEO of Open Technology
Last Stand of Stiletto Unit



Hidden City
Hidden City



“A History in Profiles” by Amy Allworden and Ed Jowett

Benjamin Hayden
Shaun Hardcastle
Ixitixl, Stiletto Unit Commander
Jitalakanka, Ximian Worker