Eulutians are an intelligent and graceful aquatic species, reminiscent of Terran Cephalopods.

Eulutians evolved on an oceanic world as creatures without an endoskeleton, similar to octopi. Because of their aquatic nature, Eulutians have used intricate, thought-controlled suits to survive outside water for centuries. These suits are now built to have a human shape in order to make interaction within the Consortium easier, though before encountering them, they used a design more similar to their natural form. Eulutians in their natural state have no skeletal structure, allowing them to easily squeeze themselves into this odd shape. The suits are designed to mimic the functions of the Eulutians, while maintaining an environment they can live in – for example, the skin is pale and the hair is white, but both will change colour with emotion. As this has business and combat implications – you don’t want your opponent to know you are afraid, whether in business dealings or in combat – the suits can be set to a single colour (usually black) if needed.

When Eulutians decide to colonise a new planet, that colony is completely independent – they have no political ties to their planet of origin. The Zeelaay, the colony ship in which the Eulutians reached the Damara system (named for the ancient Eulutian deity of Protection and Leadership) was severely affected by a gamma burst from the star, and crashed on the small moon, which would come to be known as Lugus, to save their lives. They originally intended to repair the ship and leave, but they found that the hull was too degraded from the crash to be space-worthy.

The Eulutians who survived the crash decided to make Lugus their home instead of trying to ask for help – which could not arrive in less than 1500 years, if their previous home decided to assist them at all – so they remained on the planet and began to build water-filled biodomes.

Eulutians breed slower than Humans, and they had not reached numbers sufficient to need to colonise another world in the system when Humans first landed on Lugus and made contact with them.

The Eulutians welcomed the Humans with open arms, even mimicking their form to make them feel more at home.

They decided to stay and become a part of the Human community to learn about them and help the Humans mature as a species – though obviously, they did not tell the Humans this! They shared the technology they had developed with the Humans, founded their own companies and joined the Consortium.

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