Humans are an adaptable species, found on every planet in the Consortium.

The Humans in the Consortium began on Terra (or Earth), like modern Humans, and traveled for around 1000 years across space to reach Sulis. In order to accommodate a large population, many were carried as frozen embryos and in stasis, with artificial birthing chambers to allow fast population growth when they landed.

After Kurmaja crashed, the protected embryos and stasis chambers in the centre of the ship were unharmed, allowing the population to match the projections made before they left Earth. Within a few years, the colony was established, and thoughts turned to a political system. The political system that the Humans chose to adopt was one where financial power meant political power, and they expanded on that basis – extremely successfully.

Humans are adaptable. They are good at many things, though they tend to specialise in individual fields based on personal interest. Thus, some are good scientists, others are skilled at tactics, others are good at accountancy, and so on.

Personal morals vary significantly – Humans are master criminals and mob bosses to social workers and philanthropists. Morals can even vary for individuals between different situations on a single day!