Kurmaja Park

“As you all know, in 4CE it was decreed by the Senate that Kurmaja park should forever have a clear view of the sunrise. This statue is a symbol of the journey we took and the planet we left. We have placed this on the planet which allowed us life and breath after crossing the endless void.”
– Arnold Camerota, Lugh Chartered Records CEO, Kurmaja Park 30th Anniversary Speech, May 19th 34CE


Kurmaja Park painted by Victor Adame Minguez

Kurmaja Park is a large area of land which was set aside as a reminder of what the planet was like before Humanity arrived. With the Senate Building to the West (with Kurma City beyond) and clear skies to the east guaranteed by the Consortium Charter, the park is in the most “central” location on the planet.

In the centre of the park stands a lone statue. Brought from Earth and originally intended as a foundation stone, a large rock fused with a section of the colony ship’s hull during landing. Found and refined by the great sculptor Avery Riley, it was transformed into a piece of artwork meant to remind Humanity what they have overcome and achieved. It is a favoured destination for school trips, and to be married beneath it is considered to be good luck.