Nodens was the third planetary body in the Sulis system when the Kurmaja arrived. Since that time, certain events occurred on the planetoid Rosmerta that caused it to be considered the second planet. Very early in its original exploration by the Mining Conglomerate, Nodens was discovered to be extremely mineral rich; its resources dwarf those available on any other known habitable world.

Nodens is an isolationist planet, entirely populated by one Human religious group who call themselves “The People”. They do not allow alien visitors outside the spaceport, and they use short-ranged Escort-sized ships purchased from Smertios Security to patrol their airspace, ensuring that no unauthorised ships attempt to land.

The populace view the planet as sacred ground, calling it “The Forseen Land”, and protect their independence and right to self-govern by paying a large tariff to the Consortium. Nodens maintains its independence, even to this day, due to the huge mineral wealth within it. The People mine the minerals and sell them to the Mining Conglomerate. Any threat of takeover will result in The People destroying the deep core mines, potentially splitting the planet in half.


The entire population of Nodens is contained within a small area, in a tight cluster of small, connected biodome-enclosed cities, with biodome-enclosed parks between. They possess some of the most impressive architecture in the Consortium, and decorate it themselves as part of their religious rites. The spaceports are built in valleys below the clifftop cities, meaning that those landing on the planet get a glimpse of the spires and towers within the biodomes before being immersed in the functional.


The permanent population of Nodens is exclusively Human, though all racial groups are represented. They dedicate their lives to worship of their pantheon, but export fine artwork, jewellery and paper-printed books, all of which are highly prized in Consortium society.


Religious laws prevail on Nodens, and they are left to administer their own laws as they see fit. Significantly, they believe that alien presence in their cities will taint them, and that they could never appease their deities if this should occur. Non-Human and Humans who are not of The People are permitted, but they are only allowed to be within the spaceports for trading purposes.The law encourages having large numbers of children, and putting them to work as soon as they can stand.

For The People, leaving the planet is not encouraged. Drugs, gambling and prostitution are illegal, and sexual activity with aliens is considered heresy, for which the penalty is death.


The crime rate is low, despite the police force being small, because the population enforces the laws itself, believing they have to do so to avoid tainting their world. In the spaceport, the crime rate is much higher, because there is no enforcement of law.


Nodens, The City of Light