Open Technology

Founding and Domain:

Open Technology has responsible for the advancement of most of the technology in the Consortium, both hardware and software, since 4CE when they began salvaging and restoring technology from the Kurmaja.

Since then, they have branched out a long way, from research into artificial intelligence to design and construction of vehicles and spacecraft. As a result of this, they have the most employees of any company in the whole Consortium, massive holdings on Verbeia, and the entire planet Clota is used as a testing area for their inventions, as is the space around it and the outsystem area of Damara, thanks to their fleet of Testing Ships.

Their notable inventions include Jump Gates, newer and faster engines for starships, Cranial Implants with Mind/Machine Interface and a huge amount of software, from games to learning enhancement. They are also known to have created ballistic rounds which can breach shields and various other weapons under contract with Smertios Security. The Resistance accuses them of creating the Caladbolg weapon, which destroyed the Ximian homeworld and nearly wiped out all life in the Icaunus system, though most of the population does not even believe the weapon ever existed.

The planet Lugus is run as an open forum for all employees of Open Technology. Projects, once approved by the board, are pitched to the population with giant adverts, attempting to attract the most talented in that field to work on them. Although employees are required to have at least one project underway at any time, they are permitted to work on multiple. As a result, access to Clota is extremely restricted to non-employees, as Open Technology does not want other companies to usurp their technological innovations. Using this method, the company has prospered and grown during the time of the Consortium.


Executive Structure:

From the outside, Open Technology looks like any other company. From within, it is clear that those with little or no actual potential are promoted to the board, so that the CEO can deal with them himself, and prevent them from causing problems. Each Project Leader is responsible for what he produces, and will often have to answer to the CEO himself if he fails. This threat keeps middle management vigilant and aware, and means that most of the projects either deliver on time or never begin.



Open Technology has a long-standing relationship with Smertios Security, for whom they develop weapons at a premium price. Hardcastle Haulage have a similar arrangement with them, and one of their divisions is always working on improving the types of engine and miniaturisation. Their relationship with Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals has been strained since the production of cranial implants – while he cannot prove it, The Moritasgas CEO believes they were used Open Technology’s advantage. Their relationship with C&C: Colonisation and Construction and the Mining Conglomerate is closer – they have all worked together on several expansionist ventures during the history of the Consortium.

In the Big Eight, they are an expansionist voice, always wanting to reach further beyond what the Consortium has achieved.