Expansion Book Progress – The Oracle

The Consortium expansions are getting down to the last several steps before arriving at your doorstep. I can tell you that the Definitive Edition Rulebook is now with the proofreaders. Thanks to some last minute work we’ve been able to add a few more stories than was expected to part 1. I think you’re all going to love the extra content! Also, Ed finished off the editing during this week in order to deliver the Definitive Edition to the proofreaders. This just leaves the Expansions Volume 1 and Revival left to finish.

Expansions Volume 1 is currently with the indexer giving it that special bit of last minute touch up we all adore and will be ready for printing very shortly. Revival is still being written but is moving right along. We don’t have a firm end date for this book but I promise to let you know just as soon as the details come to me.

All of the information is with the distributor and the remainder of the books should arrive within about a week. We’re really at the mercy of printing queues at this point but Ed hopes to get everything sent out by early April which is just in time to plan your summer around all these great new expansion games!

That’s it for me today, head back here next week and I’ll tell you where we’re at!